Our dynamic MOTR pilates class will tone and strengthen from top to toe. Your core must work twice as hard on a MOTR to keep you stable so no muscles are left out. The tempo is slow and every movement controlled to create that deep burn in all the right places. Perfect for toning and carving lean curves.


Our signature hybrid class is what PHIIT is all about. We combine the disciplines of Pilates with High Intensity Training to bring you the ultimate full body workout. In 45 minutes you will scorch fat with intense intervals while also developing deep inner core strength with pilates moves. We work with kettlebells, TRX, bands and body weight.


With a focus on core strength and HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training) this class will allow you to target more complex layers of your muscle groups. Expect a sweaty and dynamic class with more challenging exercises on the TRX. 


Our 45 minute high intensity workouts combine heart rate elevating intervals with strength developing circuits. No other workout blasts fat so effectively and leaves you with a feeling of pure achievement and euphoria. Our functional training method uses kettle bells, TRX, slam balls, plyo boxes and most importantly your own body weight. This workout will challenge your body and change your body.


In this 45 minute pure STRENGTH training class you will focus on slowing down the cardio, lifting up heavier weights and working on your technique. Weight lifting is an essential element our our training program at PHIIT and should be incorporated into your training timetable at least once per week.


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